Investing in our Bright Future

Orange City 21 Foundation is the fund-raising arm of the Orange City Development Corporation (OCDC)—a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization committed to economic development and community planning and betterment.

Our mission is to help create and sustain a prosperous, “livable” community for the long term … to help make Orange City truly competitive, successful, and progressive for its residents, partners, stakeholders, and future generations.

By serving as a catalyst for public-private partnerships, we seek to promote the development of commercial, industrial, and retail property and businesses, as well as betterment projects designed to improve quality of life.

Initiatives and responsibilities of the OCDC include:

  • business recruitment and retention
  • facilitation of public and private development to stimulate economic growth and create jobs
  • property management and land improvement
  • leadership/business education and workforce development
  • entrepreneurial assistance
  • community master planning
  • community betterment
  • regional awareness/marketing to bolster tourism

The Orange City 21 Foundation was launched in 1988. The “21” signifies moving into the 21st Century. Its original membership/contributor goal was 1,000 households.

The original mission still informs the foundation’s objectives:

“The Orange City 21 Foundation exists to promote the ongoing development of the community which includes the citizens of Orange City and those from neighboring cities and farms within its trade area. Through grassroots funding, research, planning, and consensus, the Foundation seeks to be a catalyst in stimulating projects that improve the well being of our people and the economic climate of our region.”

All requests for funds are thoughtfully reviewed. Projects are pro-actively sought out that align with the goals for economic development, growth, and community betterment based on master planning and the distinct needs of Orange City. Applications for funding can be found at

To find out more contact Daryl Beltman at 712-737-8226 or or Bert Aarsen at 712-737-8880

You Can Make a Difference

For as little as $1 a week, YOU can help build our future together. YOU can make a real difference by financially supporting the ongoing work of the OC21 Foundation.