Orange City Staples Promotional Products facility achieves Zero Waste to Landfill status

The Orange City Staples Promotional Products facility has received Zero Waste to Landfill status. The company’s Marcus facility has also received the distinction.

Becoming a Zero Waste to Landfill facility required systematic change in all areas of the facility and business to reach this lofty goal. Research was conducted, contact was made to recyclers, and trash cans were removed from the facility.

Since then, the project has grown into a massive operation in which corrugate is auctioned off to recyclers and non-recyclable waste is sent to a facility in Minnesota to be incinerated for power generation. Additionally, personal trash cans have been removed from personnel’s desks in favor of hubs to encourage recycling and the elimination of plastic trash can liners.

As of December 2019, the company has sent six tons of waste per month to the energy facility which translates to a 40% waste reduction from the beginning of the year. Staples Promotional Products also recycled 419 tons of corrugate, 21 tons of plastic and 12 tons of white paper.

The company is building off this positive momentum. Moving forward, Staples Promotional Products will continue to be creative in ways to reduce waste and refine waste stream to as little as possible. Electricity use reduction and increased recycling efforts will also be part of the company’s initiatives.