Recent and Upcoming Economic Developments

Recently, at the 2022 Mayors Cup event, Mayor Deb De Haan gave an update on projects going on in Orange City. She highlighted various new and upcoming economic developments. Those include


Diamond Vogel Innovation Center – $15,000,000 – 36,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art laboratory and office space for an innovation center

Commercieel Centrum – New 35-acre commercial park just east of Pipestone Vet on Highway 10. Infrastructure installation this summer.

Dollar Fresh – 29,921 sq. ft. supermarket

Scooters Coffee – Drive-through Coffee franchise

Highland Post Meat Processing facility – 8,640 sq. ft. meat processing facility

D&L Plumbing and Heating – Purchase former Total Motors, remodel and redevelopment of the west side of the property

Town & Country Implement expansion – 16,200 sq. ft. addition to their Implement Dealership

  • IC #3 – 5 -Commercial condo units
  • IC #6 – 5 – Commercial condo units
  • IC #7 – Area is full and some notable small business developments
    • Safe Place storage – 7,200 sq. ft. storage business
    • Randy Jeltema Construction bldg. 2,800 sq. ft. shop
    • Ver Westra Storage buildings
    • Nic Weilenga – 3 – Commercial condo units
  • Baker Financial Solutions – 8,000 sq. ft. professional office building

Woudstra Meat Market/former Radio Shack – Retail Meat & food store, purchased the neighboring building for expansion and add lines of product

Jade and Beck – Women’s clothing boutique, snack window, and 2 AIRBnB’s 2,144 retail – 3,114 2nd story living

Literary Dairy – Ice Cream, panini, pizza, and children’s books retail store. Open Now

Total investment in Orange City this year will be $ 58,585,000 !!!!