Sioux County Allocated Covid Funds to Improve Public Facilities

This article was written by Doug Calsbeek for the Vibrant Orange City Magazine published by Pluim Publishing.

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, a $1.9 trillion economic stimulus bill passed by the 117th United States Congress and signed into law on March 11, 2021, by President Joe Biden, injected in round figures, $6,780,000 Dollars into Sioux COunty governance, and the board of supervisors have used much of those dollars to make improvements in public buildings and offices.

Requests for Sioux County ARPA dollars exceeded $21.5 million. A total of $2.2 million was set aside for the renovations within the Sioux County Courthouse in Orange City, The Sioux County Courthouse was also the beneficiary of an allowance of $799,356 for new windows to further control interior ventilation, heating and cooling.

The purchase of a site of a former used car dealership started a process of remodeling and shifting of county offices. Community Health Partners, Sioux County’s provider of public health services, was moved in February into the building at 705 Highway 10 after a $599.825.42 purchase. An Additional $230,000 was designated for remodeling the structure prior to the move.

The County Treasurer’s office was relocated at the end of August from its location at the corner of First Street and Central Avenue in Orange City to the building east of the courthouse, which formerly housed CHP. The remodel and move was allocated $467,000. The former treasurer’s office is slated to be remodeled to hold the office of Iowa Department of Human Services offices, with $1,145,000 set aside for that.

A total of $200,000 is set aside for expanding the office space for the county attorney. Another $100,000 has been allocated for remodeling of the auditor’s office.

The Sioux County Conservation Board of Directors received a number of allocations.

  • $400,000 to assist with the purchase of additional land for conservation and recreational use by county residents
  • $306,000 to upgrade a trail and the electrical system for campers at Sandy Hollow near Sioux Center
  • $280,000 to support the construction of a new cabin for visitors at Oak Grove near Hawarden
  • $254,000 to support a trail constructed at the big Sioux Recreation Atrea near Hawarden
  • $104,000 to support construction of a mews to shelter birds near the visitor center at Oak Grove
  • $42,500 to support improvements of the electrical system for campers at Oak Grove

Here’s more on the federal aid that was distributed, most in round figures:

  • $350,000 was allocated for COVID mitigation and bilingual support for CHP
  • $300,00 for grading and dirt work to assist the development of the county fair site near Sioux Center
  • $159,000 for the purchase of a body scanner to enhance safety at the Sioux County Sheriff’s Office
  • $125,000 to support the remodeling of a Family Crisis Center family visitation center in Sioux Center
  • $$93860 for upgrades of election equipment used by Sioux County
  • $85,000 for upgrades to the county’s digital network storage system
  • $79,414 for copiers and a new phone system
  • $30,000 to assist the scanning of records by the clerk of court office in the courthouse
  • $20,000 to purchase iPads for Sioux County Planning and Zoning
  • $8,345 for an ultraviolet air cleaner for the county sheriff’s office and jail facility
  • $3,585 for an accounting upgrade for the auditor’s office