Students Raise Funds for New Elementary School Fields

This summer some amazing Orange City kids worked to raise funds for the new sports fields at Orange City Elementary. They were able to raise over $3008!
We asked Sarah Weber to share more about the project.
“I started a daycare many years ago and wanted a fun way to interact with the community in the summer, and show kids ways they can give back. We held our first lemonade stand in 2012 and talked with the kids about ways we could give to the community. The kids decided to take the money raised and give it to the food pantry in Orange City. They raised $100 at the first stand and we all walked up to the grocery store and purchased groceries to be delivered to people in need.
Each year after we have raised more money, and each year the community responds, supporting these kids as they have learned about many of the charitable organizations in town. One year they were able to purchase a new washing machine for the women’s shelter. Another year they donated money to Habitat for Humanity to help with a local build. For many years they have contributed to the local schools in different ways; assembling backpacks stocked with school supplies for students, purchasing rainy day games for teacher closests, buying supplies to help stock classrooms, and completing teacher amazon wish lists!
With the new school in process, this year the kids thought giving back to the school directly will have a huge impact and their donation will help for generations to come. The kids have so much fun each year, handing out flyers to local downtown businesses, then delivering goods by bicycle, it has been another way they have plugged into the community. And the community responded! This year the stand raised $2008 with a matching fund of an additional $1000!”