Why Orange City: Trey and Ashley Schiebout

How long have you lived in Orange City?

2 months, since August 2022.

Where did you move from?

Sioux Center, IA

Why did you move to Orange City?

We moved to Orange City when Trey got a job as a police officer in town. I began a job at Van Engelenhoven Agency shortly after we moved.

How would you describe your lifestyle in Orange City (work, school, activities)?

I have coached the dance team at Unity Christian High school for the past couple of years and really enjoy doing that. Beyond work, we love to walk our dog, go out to eat, and spend time with our family who also lives in the area.

What has surprised you the most about living in Orange City?

One thing that has surprised us about Orange City is how well-rounded of a small town it is. It has everything you need right here – great schools, churches, stores, coffee shops, restaurants, and more!

What do you most enjoy about the community?

We really enjoy how well-kept Orange City is! It has a really nice downtown, you can tell people really take pride in their homes and businesses. People are really friendly as well. There are also lots of events and things going on all the time. It also feels really safe.

What makes Orange City unique from other places you’ve lived?

Beyond the fact that its Dutch themed ;)….

We have noticed how tight-knit the community is. It seems like people are really involved and love to participate in things going on in their schools, churches, and local businesses.

What should others outside of Orange City or those considering a move to Orange City know?

Orange City has a great small town atmosphere, but still has everything that you need.