In-house echocardiograms added to imaging services

Orange City Area Health System is pleased to announce the addition of echocardiography to its arsenal of imaging services.

Rebecca Deling, RDCS, RVT brings 12 years of cardiovascular scanning experience to the health system’s radiology/imaging team at OCAHS, offering pediatric and adult echocardiograms. Although echo exams can be ordered by any referring provider, Rebecca will work closely with Sanford Cardiovascular physician Christopher Stanton, MD, who will interpret the completed echocardiogram studies. Dr. Stanton has provided outpatient clinic services in Orange City since 2017 and specializes in heart rhythm issues and the treatment of heart disease.

In the past, echocardiograms were ordered and patients had to wait until a contracted service could come to Orange City Area Health System and perform the requested tests. Occasionally, patients would have to travel to a larger hospital to have this exam done. Increased demand of cardiac services and lengthy delays in imaging coverage led to the decision to include echocardiography as a locally provided service at OCAHS.

Echocardiograms are painless tests that use sound waves to create pictures of the chambers, valves, walls, and vessels of the heart. These ultrasound images can measure heart size, structure, strength, and function. An echocardiogram can detect abnormalities in the heart valves, congenital (birth) defects, heart murmurs, damage to the cardiac muscle after a heart attack, and inflammation or fluid surrounding the heart. Heart imaging through echo technology is a vital tool in cardiac care. With the latest in Philips cardiac technology, experienced staff, and a commitment to patient care, Orange City Area Health System is proud to say “You Can Have It Here.”