2019 Orange City Tulip Queen Crowned

Allison Haverdink was crowned the 2019 Tulip Festival Queen on Monday, Nov. 12. Allison will reign over the 79th annual Tulip Festival, set for May 16, 17, and 18, 2019.

A senior at MOC-Floyd Valley High School in Orange City, Allison Haverdink, is the daughter of Mark and Suzanne Haverdink.

Allison is joined on the 2019 Tulip Court by court members Aarika Van Gelder, daughter of Larry and Phyllis Van Gelder, Emma De Groot, daughter of Don and Michelle Vaas, Jadeyn Schutt, daughter of Bruce and Amy Schutt, Jadeyn Veltkamp, daughter of Susan Veltkamp and Brad Veltkamp.

Allison and her court members spent Monday afternoon interviewing with judges Matt Breen, Andrea (Smits) Hydeen, and Jan Snyder.

A pageant was held for the public in the evening. Each of the candidates answered questions on various topics and gave an individual presentation based on the following question:

You are living on the East Coast. You are married with 3 children, ages 14, 11, and 8. You enjoy your career, home, and family life. You have just accepted a job promotion which requires a relocation to the Midwest. But, because of today’s technology, your company said, ‘You can really choose anywhere—it’s up to you where you live, as long as it’s in the Midwest.’ You have never been to the Midwest, but after researching and visiting, you made the decision to relocate to Orange City, IA. Really? Why?

Allison was crowned queen as a conclusion to the evening. Allison and her court will serve as ambassadors for the Orange City Tulip Festival as they travel in the spring, making several media and public appearances.