2020 Tulip Court Election to be held September 18

Voting for the 2020 Tulip Festival Court will take place from 12 to 8 p.m. at Stadscentrum, located on the corner of Central Avenue and Second Street North in Orange City.

Tulip Court candidates for 2020 are: Tessa Burg, daughter of Doug and Lisa Burg, Megan Bylsma, daughter of Lauren and Melinda Bylsma, Kassandra Diehl, daughter of Todd and Stacy Diehl, Julia Howe, daughter of Sean and Kristyn Howe, Rachel Jorgensen, daughter of Jerry and Dawn Jorgensen, Sydney Krommendyk, daughter of Mike and Lisa Krommendyk, Madisyn Mulder, daughter of Scott and Jill Mulder, Madison Riemersma, daughter of Sherrie Vande Weerde and Cory Riemersma, Delia Rodriguez, daughter of Ines Castro and Jose Rodriguez, Sophie Swart, daughter of John and Mary Swart, Julianna Van Grouw, daughter of Jerry and Melanie Van Grouw, BreElle Van Zee, daughter of Tim and Sara Van Zee, Kayla Vande Zande, daughter of Rev. Mark and Kim Vande Zande, and Aubyn Zwart, daughter of Brad and Shawn Zwart.

Eligible voters are adults with an Orange City address and 7th through 12th-grade students at MOC-Floyd Valley, Orange City Christian School and Unity Christian High School.

Since its inception, the Tulip Festival’s much beloved Queen and Court have been a prominent fixture in the annual festivities.  The first Queen was crowned in 1937. Except for the war years of 1942-1946, a Queen and her Court have reigned each festival.  Presently, five high school seniors are selected by the public each September and a pageant is held each November to crown the Queen. A panel of judges is assisted by the public in selecting a Queen.