Dutch American Heritage Museum Announces 2019 Nights at the Museum Lineup

The Dutch American Heritage Museum recently announced their 2019 “Nights at the Museum” schedule.

The “Nights at the Museum” events, held throughout the summer and fall, feature a guest speaker sharing a topic of regional historical interest. Past talks have included Dutch costumes, settling Sioux County, and World War I in Orange City and France.

The 2019 schedule includes:

Wed., June 26| 6 pm | Bullets, Booze and a Noose | Sara Huyser & Dr. Rebecca Koerselman

It’s 1921, the prohibition era, and Sioux County residents are riveted by the murder trial of Ira “Hard Boiled” Pavey, a gangster and bootlegger.

Wed., July 10 | 6 pm | Widow on the Witness Stand | Greta Grond

Allegations of domestic violence. Pleas of mental insanity. Did Alice Blood murder her husband in cold blood, or was it self-defense? Hear about the accused widow’s 1899 trial in the Sioux County Courthouse.

Wed., Aug. 7 | 6 pm | The Buried Past | Chad Oolman

Preparing the deceased for eternal rest. Lift the shroud on historical funeral practices and practitioners.

Tues., Sept. 10 | 6:30 pm |Our Native American Neighbors | Dr. James C. Schaap

Our region’s history includes the tribal stories of the Winnebagos, Omahas, Poncas, Yanktons and the Santees. They’re our neighbors. So let’s get acquainted.

Tues., Oct. 15 | 6:30 pm |Joyous, Jolly Academy Days | Dr. Doug Anderson

Hear about Northwestern’s founding featuring several early standout graduates including Hendrina Hospers and B.D. Dykstra.