The Tulip Festival is Orange City’s annual springtime gift to friends everywhere; when thousands of visitors enjoy recalling, for a day, the gentle charm of the old world and catch a new glimpse of the old Dutch customs. Although the festival appears to run like clockwork, it takes hundreds of volunteers working year-round to put it together. We invite you to join us as we preserve this celebration of our rich cultural heritage.

Orange City Tulip Festival

Each year at Tulip-time it is Orange City’s good fortune and great pleasure to welcome thousands of visitors from near and far. Join us for a day as you recall the gentle charms of the old world and catch a new glimpse of the old Dutch customs.

What began in 1936 as a small celebration of Orange City’s Dutch heritage has led to over 75 years of what is now known as the Tulip Festival. Our annual celebration occurs every third weekend in May.

The internationally recognized festival features music and dancing by children and adults in authentic Dutch costumes, two daily parades, nightly musical theater, a carnival midway, Dutch delicacies, delicious food, plus thousands of tulips and a dozen replica windmills throughout this charming village.

So do come; join tens of thousands of visitors and Discover the Dutch at a festival that is ever-charming and colorful!

Tulip Festival Visitor’s Center
509 8th Street SE
Orange City, Iowa 51041

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