Northwestern College presentations added to TED video library

Seven presentations given by Northwestern College faculty and staff have been added to the TED video library on YouTube.

The videos document the talks given at TEDxNWC, an event coordinated by Northwestern senior Clara Pahl in March. Using the theme of chiaroscuro, an art technique in which the main subject of a painting is revealed in lighter colors with darkness and shadows around it, TEDxNWC sought to inspire Northwestern students to think critically about how to be a light in life’s darkest moments, according to Pahl.

A senior Honors Program member majoring in English and psychology from Ames, Iowa, Pahl secured the license to host the TED event and worked with a team of students to make it happen. She said she heard very positive comments from attendees. “It was great to see professors and peers share useful lessons that are very pertinent to issues happening in our community and on our campus,” she says.

The following videos, ranging from 15 to 18 minutes in length, have been added to the TED library and can be viewed on YouTube:

Dr. Fan Fei: “Fiscal Federalism: A Balancing Act.” Regarding complicated government issues such as state versus federal power, the associate professor of business and economics advocated for creative solutions to do what is best for people in the context of economic stability.

Trey Harms: “Learn Names: Impact Your Environment.” The Northwestern admissions counselor encouraged participants to call others by their names as a way of acknowledging their intrinsic worth.

Dr. Harold Heie: “Being an Agent for Spreading Light in the Darkness.” The retired vice president for academic affairs at Northwestern called for respectful conversations with those we disagree with as a way to fulfill our roles as members of a greater community.

Dr. Michael Kugler: “Securing a Place for Hope.” The professor of history spoke on looking for hope in the face of human suffering during historical events.

Dr. Cody Rozeveld: “How Does Cancer Metastasize?” The assistant professor of biology, a cancer researcher, emphasized obesity’s role in promoting metastasis in pancreatic cancer and encouraged lifestyle changes.

Dr. Rajat Emanuel Singh: “The Secret Behind Walking.” The assistant professor of kinesiology, who researches synergy analysis of movement disorders, shared that theories behind walking can teach us how being average is perhaps not a bad thing.

Dr. Jeff VanDerWerff: “Citizenship in Sharp Relief.” The professor of U.S. government and public life and Northwestern’s dean of social sciences advocated for performing acts of service for the common good as a way to help unite polarized communities.

Junior Elena Lee is leading efforts to present the second TEDxNWC event next March.