Why Orange City: Rod De Boer

How long have you lived in Orange City?

40 Years

Where did you move from?

Edgerton MN. (via college in Sioux Center)

Why did you move to Orange City?

My wife and I both found jobs in Orange City after graduating from college and living in the community we worked in appealed to us. We also knew that when/if we had children, they would attend Christian grade and high school, so we wanted to live a community where both levels of Christian school were located.

How would you describe your lifestyle in Orange City (work, school, activities)?

We have enjoyed working in the local community and getting to know people very well through our jobs, as neighbors, friends from church/school, etc.. We have tried to be active in the community by volunteering for various organizations and serving on the city council. We also have helped start a new church in Orange City and each of us has served on the board of either Orange City Christian or Unity Christian School.

We love that OC has a golf course, swimming pool, great summer rec program, and the bike trails (especially the Puddle Jumper trail) are greatly appreciated. The “small town” feel is great, and we appreciate being able to patronage so many good local businesses.

What has surprised you the most about living in Orange City?

The cooperation and participation of some folks in putting on the Tulip Festival. There are a number of people that give tremendous amounts of time so others can have a great experience at the festival. This selfless service is appreciated and not found in many communities.

What do you most enjoy about the community?

We love that the community is growing and being pro-active in economic development. The growth we’ve seen in 40 years hasn’t hurt the “small-town feel”, so growth has been a blessing. Many small rural towns are contracting in size, yet we are bucking that trend.

What makes Orange City unique from other places you’ve lived?

The strong mix of retail, manufacturing and service jobs makes OC a destination for a wide range of people. This blend of people makes the community stronger and a better place to live.

What should others outside of Orange City or those considering a move to Orange City know?

You will come to a town that is progressive, has the school systems in place to educate your kids/the next generation of workers for our businesses and it is a great place to raise a family.

Anything else you would like to add?

We have seen the outstanding leadership of key people help change the landscape for the better. A struggling Hospital when we arrived is replaced by a thriving, top-notch Hospital, medical clinic, and long-term care facility. Talented folks have chosen to make Orange City home because of our quality of life. We have churches that teach us to care for others, creating a community fabric of support and care.