TED Talk Speaker and Social Media Advocate to Speak in Orange City

Collin Kartchner, founder of the growing #savethekids movement, will visit Orange City to speak to area students and parents about the dangers of social media and screen time usage. Kartchner will speak at three events March 27-28. Kartchner travels the country and educates students and parents on the negative effects of social media and equips families to use social media for good.

Kartchner will speak to over 500 youth at Maurice Reformed Church on Wednesday, March 27, at 6:45 p.m. for a Christian-centered approach to the dangers of social media. The following day, Thursday, March 28, Kartchner will speak to over 2,000 students in the Orange City and Sioux Center school districts at a multi-school rally held at the Rowenhorst Student Center on the Northwestern College campus in Orange City. A special session for parents will also be held on Thursday, March 28, at 6:30 p.m. The event for parents will be held at Christ Chapel on the Northwestern College campus in Orange City. The parents event is free and open to the public.

“Social media’s negative effects on youth mental health and too much screen-time is the underlying link to the current epidemic rise in teen depression and anxiety, eating disorders, self-harming, suicide ideation and suicide itself. We must teach our kids that their worth does not come from likes, followers, or Snapchat streaks. As the world shouts constantly to them that “You are NOT Enough!” we need to shout, “You Are Perfect Just the Way You Are!” shares speaker Collin Kartchner.

Kartchner was approached to speak to area youth and parents by an Orange City parent, Amber Leusink. Leusink worked closely with MOC-Floyd Valley School District administrators and teachers in the initial planning for a speaking event. Working with the school, area businesses and organizations, event sponsorships were secured and allowed for more area students and families to hear Kartchner’s message.

“I began noticing a huge screen-time issue in my own family, myself included, and decided something had to be done. I was sure I wasn’t alone in this struggle and wanted to help others, too. The efforts to bring Collin to Orange City have been a complete joy, and I can’t wait to showcase our community and our people. Our community is second to none and that has been evident with the outpouring support from our sponsors and school districts!” says Leusink.

For more information on Collin Kartchner, visit savethekids.us or follow him on Instagram @collinkartchner.