Why Orange City: Heidi and Jade Hoisington

Heidi and Jade moved to Orange City 2 years ago to begin their careers and start a family.

Where did you move from?

Vermillion (Heidi); Indianapolis (Jade)

Why did you move to Orange City?

Both growing up in different regions of South Dakota, we moved to Orange City for work after finishing our education in different cities. Heidi is working at Hillcrest in Hawarden as an Occupational Therapist, and Jade is working at the Sioux County Attorney’s Office. When we first visited Orange City, we were blown away by Orange City and the community cultivated by its heritage. It is truly a blessing to have begun our careers and start our family here.

How would you describe your lifestyle in Orange City?

We love to explore and be active within the community. You can find us walking around town and on the Puddle Jumper trail with our daughter Blake and dog Josie.

What has surprised you the most about living in Orange City?

We were most surprised by how well kept and nice Orange City is. The City and its residents take pride in their community.

What do you most enjoy about the community?

We enjoy seeing so many familiar faces when we are out and about in this close-knit community.

What makes Orange City unique from other places you’ve lived?

Orange City is unique in that it is a growing town in rural NW Iowa. Unlike other places, we love seeing all of the other young families moving here to start their families.

What should others outside of Orange City or those considering a move to Orange City know?

Once you move to Orange City, you’ll realize that you’ll quickly be embraced as a member of this community