Move Small. Live Big.

Move small. Live big. It’s time to relocate your priorities.

Relocate your work, your house, and your family to a place that enjoys a different pace of life. We have over 6,000 residents that enjoy a safe and thriving community, but we are missing one thing—you.

While our heritage continues to play a significant role, Orange City is a thriving community with a promising future that we want you to be a part of. Quaint shopping venues, a variety of dining options, numerous recreational facilities, and a community that supports the arts provide opportunities for all. The community also maintains a strong commitment to quality education, outstanding health services, economic development, and active churches. With established businesses expanding and new ones growing, Orange City’s future is bright.

This town, our home, is a place for you to tell your story, too. Whether you are a visitor, relocating here or a lifelong resident, Orange City Vibrant celebrates your connection and commitment to our thriving community. Our individual stories are special, but together, our Orange City stories are vibrant.

Built on Opportunities

With a strong entrepreneurial foundation and never-ending thirst for knowledge, Orange City brings big opportunities to a small city.

Education is a way of life in Orange City, and our community is the culmination of collaboration from the classroom to the blue skies above.

The perfect place for entrepreneurs exploring new business ventures, Orange City has a great deal to offer. Main Street to Wall Street in less than a three minute commute, or a stroll to get your mind and body flowing. Vibrantly Balanced.

World-renowned arts and culture that goes beyond entertainment into education, and you are encouraged to be a part of it!

You matter in Orange City. Your home is here, filled wth your strengths, your ideas, your ideals, your drive and passion — we are more complete with you.

“Business and employment quote from Mike Hofman”

-Mike Hofman, Orange City Chamber of Commerce

How Can We Help?

For more information about your economic development opportunities or the Orange City economic development team, contact Ryan McEwen, Community Development Director or Mike Hofman, Chamber Executive Director.

Ryan McEwen
Community Development Director
(712) 707-4885

Mike Hofman
Chamber Executive Director
(712) 707-4510

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